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Okay this'll probably get rejected, but i'm posting it anyways.

Just yesterday I went to Disneyland and California Adventures with some friends. We had loads of fun. We were all taking pictures at teh locations were we saw Brendon take his in Disneyland and we got most of them, the indian, mr.toad and his car. Well actually, all of them except for Captain Hook. We couldn't find him. It was likehe disappeared or something, but we also went on Tower of Terror and bought our pic. Sadly weren't in the front, but we had fun flying off our seats as usual. Poor, yet lucky kid went into the front. He was seriously crying, :(. It was great. After that we went to Build-a-bear (Yes I know I can't believe I went either) i'm not much of that stuff, but whetever. So we got our animals and I named mine Spencer, after one of my favorite drummers and Aud named hers GRR, after Ryan. haha George Ryan Ross the Fourth. There were only three people so we couldn't name them after all of them, (i won't post jenn's animal's name). So I'm sorry Jon and Brendon, next time if i ever go again i'll name them after you guys. I Hope Brendon had fun at Disneyland in those pics as we saw, I know we did.
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